There are many Michigan online colleges and universities that offer their courses and programs online. The convenience of learning online is great, but what if you could couple that with knowing that you are enrolled at a brick-and-mortar school. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. Many of the colleges have had their programs online for years now, and have perfected the art of producing a quality education from online methods.

When you are looking to take online medical courses you can’t be too careful on where you enroll. When your degree is backed by a traditional university it makes you look that much stronger. You won’t have to worry about justifying your credentials or hiding the fact that you studied online when you study at Michigan online colleges. Of course each person’s experiences and wishes are different and we can’t guarantee that the schools we have highlighted will meet all of your needs, but we have attempted at presenting schools that should cover the requirements of most aspiring students.

Below we have featured the best Michigan online colleges, and are hard at work uncovering the other hidden gems the state has to offer. Bookmark this page and check back often to view our progress. You can even add this page to your RSS reader and you’ll be notified when we make updates.

Featured Michigan Online Colleges

Michigan online colleges

Baker College
Billing itself as one of the most affordable colleges in the country, Baker College offers online learning that gives you 24/7 access to the classroom. You can earn your degree or certificate the their Baker Online system. They have programs in Nursing, Health Services Administration, as well as several other undergraduate degrees that will help you set a foundation for a medical education. If you’re in the military they make it very easy to fit classes into your training and responsibilities. Baker Online is a 100% online curriculum, and is one of the Michigan online colleges accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Davenport University
Davenport University is one of the Michigan online colleges that has a range of degree programs including master’s and bachelor’s degrees. They also have offering in the growing field of health professions. Davenport prides themselves on developing their own set of courses that are unique and not just cookie-cutter copies of what other schools do. They want to give you an edge when it comes to hitting the job market once you graduate. With DU online, they provide a curriculum that is convenient for you and your demanding lifestyle. You can earn a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Health Information Management, Medical Case Management, or Health Services Administration. You can earn an associate’s degree in Health Information Technology, or get started with a diploma in Medical Billing.

Michigan Community College Virtual Learning
Now you can take classes from any of Michigan’s community colleges, all online, and all in one place. There are loads of online medical courses you can take right from the comfort of home. A quick search of this Michigan online collegs database reveals that there are several classes open for enrollment such as Medical Terminology, Health Care Delivery Systems, Regulatory Agencies in Health Care, Reimbursement in Health Care, Pharmacology for Allied Health, Pathology, Anatomy and Physiology I – Both Lecture and Lab, Pathophysiology, Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Nutrition. You’re sure to be able to find courses that will get you on the path that you’re seeking.

Central Michigan University
CMU offers many quality programs, and it’s accredited as a traditional university. They have a solid curriculum and offer many advanced degrees. One of them worth spotlighting is the Doctor of Health Administration. It has been specifically developed for those that seek to obtain roles in upper level leadership in a varying number of healthcare disciplines. After completing this Michigan online colleges program you will be able to interact and work with other upper-level management in setting such as hospitals and other health care facilities. As a team you will be able to produce effective strategies that help solve the problems in the health care industry, and work together to find workable solutions to the dilemmas that arise in modern day health care institutions.

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